What the Future of Video Marketing Looks Like


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  • Blogs

    Timeless Articles and Current Ones

    Content is one of the most important aspects of any SEO and marketing campaign. While we would like to think that all the content we create is relevant for our customers, we also need

  • Social

    How great is Social Media Marketing!

    How do you like it when salespeople are shouting at you about how great their product is and why you should buy it? Most people don’t enjoy this at all, yet that is exactly how most social media marketing works.

  • Upwards Trend

    Expert Tips For Online Growth

    As the digital landscape evolves, marketers need to change the strategies they use to adapt to these changes. For your business to be successful online, you will have to use advanced tactics that are ahead of the curve.

  • seo

    Guidelines for SEO

    Even if you have been in SEO a while, it can be difficult to tell what Google approves of and what they dock your ranking for. They don’t communicate all their changes to domain owners, and that leaves many people in SEO trying to guess and play catch up every time a new update releases

  • Yelp

    Small Business Marketing with Yelp

    For most consumers, Yelp is the first place to look for reviews on a restaurant, service or business. Yelp has become something of a required stop for people who want to see what others think about a business before they try it out for themselves. The review site is something that small businesses n

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is Helping Marketers through Promoted Pins

    The Promoted Pins Program form Pinterest is geared toward helping marketers reach a wider audience and target their audience better. Pinterest’s new program has more than a million users across the world, which makes their platform ideal for businesses looking to increase sales and visibility. The

  • Keywords

    Keyword Rankings Are Not the Best Way to Determine Success

    There was a time not long ago when sites could be built quickly by just copy and pasting articles from other sites and filling in the appropriate keywords. These were a simpler time, and black hat tactics reigned supreme. Quality always seemed to take second place to quantity. This was a time when G

  • soical

    Mobile Apps to Assist a Mobile Business

    There are plenty of complex operations to be handled as you run a B2B business. If you are the kind of business owner who has to go to meetings all day or who has numerous clients, it

  • plan

    How Digital Marketing Functions Like Conventional Marketing

    Not that long ago, companies used digital marketing experts solely for digital marketing and never included them in the remainder of their marketing plan. That has changed quite a bit over the past few years, and now digital marketing is being combined with all other aspects of marketing to make coh

  • twitter

    How Tweets on Google Affect You

    We have recently seen a partnership form between Google and Twitter, and their goal seems to make searches more relevant for everyone. What this means is that very soon Google will be able to use all of Twitter’s tweets as ranking factors in its search engine

  • internet

    What the Biggest Websites Have to Teach Us

    Looking at all the biggest websites in the United States, it’s obvious they all serve different groups of people, yet they all have a common set of online marketing methods from which they work.

  • SEO

    SEO Still Holds Value for Businesses

    You might have heard news that SEO is no longer relevant. You may feel that is true after your SEO efforts are turning up fewer customers than ever before. If you are not up to date on SEO methods and are not an SEO professional

  • Digital Marketing

    How to Digitally Advertise for Your Business

    An integral part of many modern marketing strategies has been to advertise digitally. If this not currently part of the strategy your business use, then it definitely should be. It does not matter whether your business works B2B or B2C, digital advertising can help grow your business and lead to inc

  • House Key

    How to Make Your Homepage Optimised

    After you have devised a winning SEO strategy and planned to market your company online, you need to examine if you are truly doing everything that you can to reach your audience. Your efforts may be bringing in traffic to your site, but are you making sure that they are engaged by what they find [&

  • Apps

    Creating a Steady Stream of Useful Content

    Online promotion is a focus for many companies. They may start with SEO, but the best way to draw in new customers and get eyes on your site is by producing content. There are tons of different content types that you can create- blogs, eBooks, charts, videos and much more. These types of content get

  • Local Marketing

    Content Can Help You Win the Local SEO War

    Content created for your site can certainly help how your site ranks with Google’s search engines. Still, it might not be as effective for increasing site rankings as having a thoughtful, relevant and keyword-optimized landing page. This is particularly true if your landing page is optimized for l

  • Facebook

    Can Your Company Benefit from Facebook at Work?

    A new product released by Facebook lets businesses use a customized version of Facebook for their business. This is known as “Facebook at Work, and it is already in effect at many businesses. This is a service that is very similar to what Facebook already offers, but it retracts some of the functi

  • Ecommerce

    How Ecommerce Sites Should Be Using SEO

    It can be difficult to image what the world would look like without the internet. It is so intertwined with all of our lives that it connects to everything we do. The shopping industry has been completely revolutionised by this technology, and even though it is now integral to how commerce is conduc

  • tumblr

    Can You Use Tumblr to Market Effectively?

    One of the biggest internet buyout of the past year was Yahoo!’s acquisition of Tumblr. What they plan to do with the social media site is hard to guess, but it has obviously caused a lot of conversation about the site and what it means to the online businesses who market there. Much of the [&hell

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